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At Wild About Our Woods we want to get more people outdoors into local woodlands. We passionately believe that strengthening our connection to nature supports well-being & unlocks potential for fulfilling, happy & enriched lives. In addition to this when we respect nature, we conserve it for future generations. We want to build a stronger community by breaking down barriers to participation in woodlands activities.

All of this work is based on Forest School principles. More details

of what this is can be found here

So how do we do this?

In the Forest School school programme that take place in various schools in Barnet and Haringey we undertake seasonal activities with children under 12 to develop their practical skills over a minimum of 6 weeks. Through play they also develop fine and gross motor skills, social skills and confidence.

In the monthly Family Woodland session we create activities for them to learn about how to play safely in the woods, how to use natural resources around them to make and play with.

​We deliver outdoor learning sessions for schools that can be based on any topic and linked to the curriculum. We also deliver accredited Forest School training for those who want to become either Forest School Leaders or Assistant. See more details here

The popular WaW Holiday Club give children under 12 the chance to enjoy their school holidays in the woods, for healthy adventurous fun.

We love running Woodland parties for children too.

                                                         We love this quote from The Right Reverend  

                                    Bishop James Jones, the Bishop of Liverpool.

                                ' Our forests and woods are nature's playground

                                 for the adventurous, museum forthe curious,

                                 hospital for the stressed, cathedral for the spiritual,

                                 and a livelihood for the entrepreneur.

                                 They are a microcosm of the cycle of life in which each                                   and every part is dependent on the other;

                                forests and woods are the benefactor of all,

                                purifying the air that we breathe and distilling                                                the water of life. '

       Graduate of Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme 2016/17

Graduate of Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Trade Up Programme 2019/20

                "Current Fellow of Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme”




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