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the beneftis of taking part in woodlands sessions
Our session are based on Forest School principles which originates from Scandinavia practice of the 1950’s and more recently from Demark from the 1970’s. Many schools in Haringey are lucky to have Forest School programmes but below is a little information about it.
The Forest School learning environment provides opportunities for children to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, to form positive relationships with others. It is known to develop a growing awareness of their emotional needs and the needs of others, to learn to cooperate and work with their peers and adults and develop strategies in order to take risks within the boundaries of safety. Child are unaware that all this 'goodness' is in taking place; they just know that as the holiday club is child led when they are with us they are charge of what they participate in and are having great, creative and adventurous fun in the process!
The forest setting where this takes place allows the children to engage with the natural environment...and we all know there is something quite magical about Queens Wood. 
More information on the Forest School principles can be found here;
in case you need some more convinving ......
Climbing Trees Improves Cognitive Skills!

According to new research, when we do activities

 that involve balancing we can actually improve

 our cognitive skills. 

follow this link for more details. 
Concerns raised over number of children not engaging with nature
see the findings on this 2 year government funded study;
Why our children need to get outside and engage with nature
More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health and development; 
how to prepare for the holiday club sessions

Please provide your child with the following kit. For the children’s health and safety, they will not be allowed to stay for their session if they arrive without the appropriate kit. Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with the child’s name. 


Every day the children will need
  • A packed lunch (as healthy and filling as much as possible)

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers​ in a rucksack​ if necessary once you have checked the weather forecast

  • Long sleeve top and long trousers (these are to prevent scratches and stings, the children will not get too hot under the shade of the canopy) . If skirts must be worn please wear them with long trousers.

  • Strong footwear​ (sandals and pumps are not recommended) and walking boots are better than wellies unless it is/has been raining a lot

  • A filled water bottle or two if they get thirsty 

  • Jumper or sweatshirt in case the weather turns colder​ (Even during Spring/summer months it can be surprisingly cool in woodland environments).

  •  Sunscreen  (Summer)

  • A sun hat​ (in warmer weather) 

  • A bag labelled with their name containing spare clothing consisting of socks, trousers & sweater. (Clothing often gets wet & muddy.)

Please don't wear denim as it is slow to dry should it get wet, and can lead to a significant cooling of the body.

We will eat lunch together and also have a morning and afternoon snack time every day to ensure the children are kept hydrated and energy levels are kept up.

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