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Come and celebrate a party in the wood with us!

We love to have groups of children, and sometimes families come to the woods for a party.

Every party is completely bespoke and based on what your child is into.


We can 'theme' the party depending on their age. for example, we've done Mini beasts are Go (based on Pokemon) Pirates, Winnie the Pooh and woodland imps but generally they aren't themed. We can tell stories too.  We could easily accommodate your interest interest if we know what they like.


The party usually follows the same format in terms of being based in an area which open and sheltered at the same time. We decorate the area with bunting and set it up with fun things for the children to climb and explore with. We tend to run 2 main activities (usually one is based on making something with natural materials ie making bows and arrows, swords, dream catchers, weaving, whittling, Hapa zome which is leaf bashing to create lovely pictures) play games, explore and eat together. We allow time for free play which the children really enjoy too as their imaginations are let loose in the woods. We'll always have the possibility of wet weather so will have shelters on hand just in case.


The making activity will become the going home present so you wouldn't need to make up party bags if you don't want to. We also find if guests' parents stay for the party they enjoy the making part of it too.


We will supply some simple snacks and water but families tend to bring their own food too and cake. We schedule time to stop, wash hands and eat but depending on how engrossed the children are in woodlands play depends on how long the break lasts for.


We usually set our rates based on 15 children for 2 hours with adults helping. We do have access to a small private woods which allows fire and based around a lovely camp fire under a parachute. There is an additional cost of £70 to have sole use of the site, access to a toilet and good parking.


We'd be happy to send you photos of other parties to get an idea of how might be. And often families come to the woods to see where we meet families and set up.


Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions you may have

via email;

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