At Wild About our Woods Woodland Camp we aim to provide children with direct experiences with nature, where they spend prolonged time outside, allowing them to interact in a hands-on way and be supported by trained professionals who have child development and environmental education at their heart. Our sessions are based on Forest School principles which builds on a child’s innate motivation and positive attitude to learning, offering them the opportunities to take risks, make choices and initiate their own play and learning. More information on Forest School and the benefits of it can be found in the 'Info for parents' section....

Experienced Forest School Leaders will lead the sessions. We are keen to have a low adult:child ratio so three members of staff will run the scheme if 16 children have signed up. All staff will work within WAW’s policies and procedures and hold a current DBS. Two have paediatric outdoor first aid training and we have public liability insurance covering our work for £5 million.

Here's a bit more about the people running the holiday club

Janine Young - Holiday Club Team Leader

Janine is a level 3 qualified Forest School Leader and has an outdoor Pediatric First Aid qualification. She also works in the field of child safeguarding and has an enhanced DBS (CRB). She recently refreshed her Safeguarding Children and Young people certificate via Haringey LSCB in October 2018.

She is on a mission for children and adults to reconnect with nature and has worked with local Haringey and Barnet schools in the last year (Highgate Primary, Rhodes Avenue, Weston Park, Holly Park and Martin School) demonstrating the benefits of woodland learning and Forest School. She co founded the ever popular monthly Sunday Family woodlands session at Queen Wood with Into the Woods on Sundays. She believes Queens Wood holds a special ancient woodlands magic and is excited to be working there with children this summer.


Janine was brought up in North London at a time where children still played outside for extensive periods of time. Her home was near the green belt with a brook and some woodlands so she spent many of her formative days exploring, learning and playing there. She has always had a passion for working with children and  started  as  a volunteer at the age of 20. She has had paid work on various holiday programmes.  It was while working at Vision Quest in 1995 that she began to see the connection between  the great outdoors and it's benefit to children's development and well being.

Fast forward 20 years and now with 2 children of her own, who have experienced regular outdoor learning as part of their education, She loves spending time outside in the wild with them and others. She has learned about woodland conservation through volunteering with her son at Coppetts Wood Conservationists and loves working with natural materials to create things in her work.

She loves learning new things and gets a buzz from seeing others flourish from their own discoveries outside. Autumn is her favourite season, she loves making and watching fire, listening to stories and children's laughter....and nibbling chocolate!

Jack Sichel - Holiday Club Team Leader

Jack’s passion for the outdoors stems from the long summer holidays attending Forest School Camps. For 10 years as a kid and 10 years as a staff member connections with friends and nature were founded that are still going strong today.


Working at a Surestart Nursery in Leeds, Jack took the greatest pleasure in facilitating activities where the children in his care could get to know themselves and each other in the great outdoors.


Trees are a big part of Jack’s life and you will no doubt find him testing the climbing capabilities of one at any chance he gets or seeing what crafty item might be made from the wood.


Jack holds the following qualifications:

  • NVQ Level 3 in Childcare

  • Open College Level 3 Certificate in Forest School Leadership

  • ND Level 3 in Arboriculture

  • A current Wilderness First Aid, with Paediatric Elements Certificate

  • An Enhanced DBS Check

Cameron Hough - Sesison Assistant

Hi my name is Cameron I am 19 years old and I am currently working full time as as an assistant games teacher at Devonshire House School.  I have also been a football coach for TGFC for 2 years and mange the under 14s team. I am thrilled to be working with Janine and her team and I'm really looking forward to the adventures with the Wild About Our Woods children.

​​​​​​Claudia Celini - Session Assistant

Hi I'm Claudia. I am 18 and have just finished studying for 3 A levels. I am working for the second year as an assistant at the summer club. I have lots of younger nieces and nephews who I love to play with. I like the sounds of brids when I am out in nature as it sounds peaceful and relaxing.


I am looking forward to playing and supporting the children at the summer club, being outside and learning from the children as well as teaching them some games and skills too.

Connie - Session Assistant

Hello, my name is Connie and I am really excited to be part of Wild About Our Woods over the Summer. 


I have recently begun my journey to becoming an art therapist where I want to specialise in working with young people and children. My upbringing celebrated creative expression and I feel very connected to art and it's power to transform peoples lives. I also feel the same way about nature and it's power. 


Much of my childhood was spent outdoors, in nature, playing. Now, as a 24 year old, nature is still something that I have remained deeply connected to. Whether that is swimming in Hampstead ponds or going for a long walk, it is a big part of my life and continues to change my life. 


My love of children, combined with my love and awe of nature is what drew me to getting involved with Wild  About Our Woods and I am really looking forward to being part of the team.

Isaac Beckett - Session Assistant

"I am a native North Londoner currently studying English Literature in Glasgow. As a child and teenager I spent my summers outdoors camping, hiking and swimming. Having spent my formative years at Forest School Camps, I am always ready to leap headfirst (sometimes literally) into outdoor activities such as whittling, wood chopping, fire making and foraging, along with the most important camping skill - singing and playing guitar around a fire. I have always cherished my youthful adventures into the outdoors, which gave me the confidence I feel when immersed in nature, and I would love to introduce that to the younger generations as well. Blue skies!"

Skye - Session Assistant

Hello! I'm Skye. I'm a trainee child counsellor and I have worked with children for over ten years in London primary schools. My approach focuses on giving children space and encouragement to be creative. I also love hiking, cycling and camping out in the wild in my spare time.

Amy-Leigh - Sessions Assistant

My name is Amy-Leigh and I am an artist. I am super excited to work for WAOW this next two weeks. I love everything nature has to offer and I throughly enjoy working with children! As a young girl my parents made it their priority to get me out of the house, engaging with nature, allowing me to find my way independently. Without those tree climbs and stick tents I wouldn't be as engaged or excited by our beautiful outdoors as I am now. I look forward to seeing the children explore things in a different way, see personalities unfold and minds expand. 

Emma - Sessions Assistant

My name is Emma and I am joining the Summer Camp team for a few days this year. I have been volunteering with Wild About Our Woods since January 2019 at a weekly school session. I'm looking forward to bringing this experience to the Summer Camp, encouraging the kids to enjoy the great outdoors and simple, back to nature fun and learning. My favourite activities at Forest School are den building and woodland crafts including leaf bashing (Hakaton), making dream catchers with willow and wittling. I also do a gardening project with Reception kids at a school in West Finchley, and thoroughly enjoy looking after my allotment and camping in my spare time.

Liberty Morrison - Session Assistant

Hello, I'm Liberty and have recently turned 20 years old. Here's a picture of me working for a couple of days over the Easter Camp at WaW.


I'm currently studying Psychology at the university of Manchester. In 2016 I went to Cambodia to volunteer at a nursery and now, in my spare time over the summer holiday, I'm currrently covering staff holidays at Rosemount nursery.


I go camping at least once a year to escape life in the city, however this year I won't be, so I am looking forward to spending time outdoors in the fresh air with the kids.

Ruth - Session Assistant

I am looking forwards to exploring, creating and playing in Queens Wood. I think the woods is a great setting for gaining the confidence to be adventurous and creative, and for making new friends. I have always loved outdoor activities, I am a member of staff for Forest School Camps and always make time to go walking and camping. I also often work with children teaching music workshops.  

Maggie - Forest School Leader - to come

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