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We are thrilled to have been asked by Friends of Queens Wood to run some 1-2-1 family sessions during the summer holidays

These will take place on the 27th and 31st August for families who would not otherwise visit the woods and are isloated at home




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Family Woodland Sessions

Janine has been running Family Woodland session in Queens Wood since October 2015, mainly in Queens Wood called Into the Woods on Sunday. It has attracted families with an established love of the outdoors, as well as those who want their first taste of adventure in the wood. We encourage them to come along and be inspired by responding to their child’s ideas for play (as well as your own!)  Sessions are based on the seasons, for families with children under the age of 8 mainly and may involves;

 * Nature walks through the seasons

 * Woodland skills – tool use from sheaf knife to a hand drill
 * Environmental art, create using natural materials.
 * Story telling and music
 * Responding to children’s ideas for play, exploring and investigating the big outdoors.
 * Shelter building for shade and rain
 * Respect for ourselves, others and the environment
 *Seasonal projects
  * activities which support children to develop responsible independence and confidence to take considered risks  and initiate their own play and learning
 * Flora and fauna identification

 * Mud kitchens

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