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please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the enrolment form and then the policies below them.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment to Wild About our Woods Holiday Club


1. Payment of fees/child’s attendance

  • Fees are payable at the time of booking, not later than 2 weeks before the start of the summer by Stripe and are non-refundable in the event of your child’s absence. Extra sessions must be paid for in advance. If you wish to decrease your child’s attendance, we require 2 week’s written notice. 

  • If you are returning this form by post you can still pay by Stripe.

  • If you do not have a bank card please contact Janine to arrange alternative advance payment

3. Termination notice

2 weeks notice in writing (email is fine), or payment in lieu of notice, must be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the holiday club.  

4. Start and finish times

If your child cannot attend one of their sessions please tell us by 8.30am, via our contact telephone number (07743871289 or see contact page of the website). If parents/carers are running late they must inform us as soon as possible and staff will make arrangements, where possible, to delay the group and/or in exceptional circumstances will agree an alternative drop-off point. Children cannot be cared for outside the normal extended holiday session hours, therefore Wild About our Woods reserves the right to charge £15 per child for every 15 minutes late in collection after 4 or 4.30 if already agreed.

5. Communication

Parents/carers participation in a constructive and effective two-way communication practice is vital to ensure their child’s ongoing positive development. Parents/carers are required to share any concerns they may have with the Forest School Leader and holiday club manager, Janine Young, via telephone, email (contact details on the website) or in person.


6. Safeguarding and child protection

Wild About our Woods has a responsibility for the welfare and well being of all the children in their care. As such we have a duty to the children, parents/carers and staff to act quickly and responsibly to any incident that may come to our attention. The holiday club has a legal obligation to report any suspicions around abuse to the Local Authority. The Children Act 1989 (Section 47 (1)) places the duty on the Local Authority to investigate such matters. Please be aware that the holiday club works within the London Borough of Haringey child protection procedures and will seek advice should this become necessary. Should an investigation take place, parents will be informed and supported. We will seek to clarify with you as parents/carers in the first instance unless the nature or timing of the discovery warrants discussion for advice or clarification with Social Services as too how to proceed. The holiday club will also inform parents/carers as soon as possible if any abuse or neglect is detected at the setting. If your child has an accident at home parents/carers must inform Wild About our Woods, where the incident will be will noted and record the incident. 


 7. Accidents, emergencies and first aid

In the event of an accident or emergency, Wild About our Woods are authorised to act on behalf of the child's parent/carer in determining the need for medical attention or hospital referral, on the understanding that any decisions made will be communicated to the parents/carer in detail. In the event of illness, accident or emergency, Wild About our Woods will take appropriate action. This includes treating minor injuries with first aid practices, and referral to hospital if deemed necessary. In the case of first aid, parents carers will be informed at pick up time, unless the decision is taken that, in the interests of the child’s wellbeing, they should not continue their session; in which case parents/carers will be contacted straight away. In the unlikely case of a hospital referral, parents/carers will be contacted immediately. 


8. Illness and medication

For the health and welfare of all children who come to the holiday club we request that you do not bring your child into holiday club if they are ill or have an infectious disease. We reserve the right to send your child home if the holiday club manager feels that your child is not well enough to attend. Following an infectious illness it is essential that your child does not attend the holiday club until they are no longer at risk of infecting others. If your child is on any medication which has to be administered whilst attending the holiday club, it must be prescribed by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist. In the case of medication containing aspirin, this must be prescribed by a doctor. You must complete a medicine consent form giving instructions on times and dosage. 


9. Administering of sun cream

Staff at Wild About our Woods will apply sun cream (Soltan Sensitive Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion SPF30) to children whenever they feel it is appropriate. If your child has an allergy to the above type of sun cream parents / carers must provide an alternative. On sunny days, parents should inform staff at the holiday club about any sun cream the child has had applied before arrival at the holiday club. 


10. Closure of the holiday club due to weather conditions

In the rare event of unusually dangerous weather conditions, such as severe storm warnings from the Met Office, Wild About our Woods reserves the right to close the holiday club for the affected session or day. If this happens, affected parents/carers will be contacted individually with as much notice as possible.

11. Force Majeure

We will not be liable to pay any compensation if we are forced to cancel or make changes to any aspect of the holiday club due to circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances include, but are not restricted to, war or threat of war, terrorist activity, riots or civil strife, Acts of Government, viruses and pandemics (e.g. coronavirus) industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, fire, bad weather, closure of airports, ports or stations, cancellation or changes in schedules by air, land or sea carriers.


12. Photographs and videos

During the course of our activities we will record events by taking photographs/video clips. These will be used primarily for recording the children’s progress and informing parents about what the children have been doing. We may from time to time share photos and videos via the Wild About our Woods Facebook page, our Twitter feed and/or the website. Wild About our Woods will ensure that no children’s names are at any time published or shared through any of these media. If parents/carers wish their child not to appear in photos or videos in this way, they must contact the holiday club manager to let them know. 


13. Use of mobile phones

Wild About our Woods operates a no mobile phones policy. Parents/carers may not use their mobile phones while spending time with the children at the holiday scheme at drop off or pick up. We request that parents move away from the children if they wish to use their mobile phone but ensure they are supervised while doing so.  


14. Forest School activities

On enrolment Wild About our Woods will send you risk assessments for the following activities: tree climbing, fire making and use of tools. By accepting these terms and conditions, you are consenting to your children taking part in these activities, and other forest school type activities. Wild About our Woods risk assesses all such activities before the children participate. If you have any concerns and are not happy to do so, please contact the holiday club manager, Janine Young.


15. Key policies

Parents are required to read the following key policies: health and safety, safeguarding and child protection, emergency, mobile phones and camera use. When accepting the terms and conditions, you need to confirm that you have read these. 


Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

 By entering my/our name(s) below, then returning this form by email/web submission, or by signing a paper copy, we hereby confirm that I/we have read through all the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment above, including all sections from 1 to 14 and accept these as being my/our contractual obligation to Wild About our Woods holiday club once I/we have signed the Acceptance below. I/we understand that once I/we have signed in agreement, this will form the basis of a contract between me/us and Wild About our Woods holiday club. Wild About our Woods holiday club reserve the right to amend this contract.

Declaration (to be completed and signed by the Parent/Guardian)


• I agree to my child taking part in the event/sessions being run by Wild About our Woods.

• I agree to my child abiding by any rules set by the Forest School Leaders or Assistants, including those given during safety briefings. (Please note that these may include the tying back of long hair, removal of jewellery, removal or hiding of “dangly clothing” - e.g. hoodie drawstrings).

• In the event of an emergency, I consent for any medical treatment that my child may need prior to my arrival.

• I confirm that following the safety briefings my child will have been briefed on the risks involved in the activities.

• I confirm that my child is fit to undertake the activities included within this event.

• I accept that the activities contain hazards that may result in injury, and that I accept the risks involved and shall be responsible for the actions and/or involvement of my child.

• I agree to my child being photographed &/or filmed with the possibility that these photographs/media recordings may be used in publications &/or for marketing & publicity by Wild About our Woods


• I confirm that my child will attend every event/course;

1. wearing trousers and stout footwear (e.g. Wellington/walking boots). Skirts, ballet pumps, etc should NOT to be worn. (We recommend wearing long sleeves (especially in summer) as this will provide protection against biting insects and stings.

Please don't wear denim as it is slow to dry should it get wet, and can lead to a significant cooling of the body).

2. with a sweater & waterproof clothing. (Even during summer months it can be surprisingly cool in woodland environments).

3. with a bag labelled with their name containing spare clothing consisting of socks, trousers & sweater. (Clothing often gets wet & muddy.)

4. on bright and sunny days, having already had sun cream applied and bring with them a sun hat. (Wild About our Woods staff & Assistants will only apply sun cream to Children or Young Persons if they seem it essential)


We also have the following policies and procedures available at that stage for you look at if you so wish:

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